You are invited to contribute your images to the Shadow Archive. 

  • Upload as many images as you like!
  • FIRST Describe your shadow: add a brief text about your image for accessibility (alt text) and context. Every language is accepted, it is not necessary to write in English only.
  • All images will appear in black and white. For quickest results, convert your photo to black and white before uploading. 
  • Both landscape and portrait layout are great!
  • Please do not include any identifying markers of people or private spaces, or any content that could be considered violent, criminal, or illicit. Any images or words that violate these terms will be removed from the archive.
  • You must have legal rights to the image in order to share. please do not share images that are not your own.
  • Once published on this site, all images will be considered open access. They will be available for sharing, downloading, printing, and reproducing in any format. 
  • If you download, print, share, or publish images from this archive in any way, please attribute + link (when possible) to the Shadow Archive.  

Any questions? Please reach out to


The upper file size limit is 5MB.